Scrapping your car at United Metals

United Metals are an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) for the safe, legal, and responsible disposal of End-of-Life Vehicles.

Scrapping your car at United Metals requires only the vehicle registration certificate or the log book as it used to be called.

Once you have that, we can issue a Certificate of destruction which takes the vehicle permanently off the national vehicle database.

If the car has any outstanding tax at the time of disposal, the Cert of destruction can be used to claim it back.

What happens your car once it enters our facility

Once we have the weight of the car recorded, it is delivered into our custom built car de-pollution plant.

  • The car has its tyres removed, which go onto specialist recyclers.
  • The oils, fuel, and fluids are drained from the car for further processing 
  • The airbags are deactivated
  • (Now for the good bit)
  • The car enters the crusher.

Once compacted, it is sent to the shredder, to be turned into what will eventually become, your frying pan, your Bar-B-Q you never use, or even your next car.

Should you have any other questions, you can have a look through our Frequently Asked Questions section, or give us a call on 061-603848

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